Adam Khoury

Producer - Designer - Family man - Outdoorsman

What makes me tick

My family, Video Games and everything Tech related, Cars, MTB and Nature.

Totally obsessed by all things Video Game! Let's face it games are awesome!

Graduating in 2010 with a First Class BSc Hons Degree in Computer and Video Game Design I started my professional career at TT-Fusion as a game/level designer working on their AAA Lego titles.

9 years, 2 Country moves, 1 wife and 2 kids later I have expanded my knowledge greatly in both game design and in the production.

Currently contracted as remote Producer and Designer at Hero Blocks. I am responsible for the day to day management of a team of skilled contractors based in the USA, Europe, Russia & Asia. The diversity in languages and cultures as well as the obvious problems in dealing with such differing time zones requires exceptional man management skill and organisation.
In addition to this role, I also fulfil my obligations as a Designer on the project. I have represented the company at several major Game Conferences such as Gamescom, GDC and Games Connection presenting projects to publishing companies and the public.

I enjoy the flexibility that remote work provides, however I miss the studio environment, daily brain storms with colleagues (that are in the same room!), the friendships and atmosphere you just can't replicate over skype, which is why I am excitedly looking for my next career step and where it will lead me.

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