Adam Khoury

Designer - Family man - All round Badass

What makes me tick

My family, Video Games and everything Tech related, Cars, MTB just to name a few.

Totally obsessed by all things Video Game! Lets face it games are awsome!

Graduating in 2010 with a First Class BSc Hons Degree in Computer and Video Game Design I started my professional career at TT-Fusion as a game/level designer working on their AAA Lego titles.

7 years, 2 Country moves, 1 wife and 2 kids later I have expanded my knowledge greatly in both game design and in the production.

Currently contracted as Project Manager/Designer for an Entrepreneur on an Indie PC/Console title. I am responsible for the day to day management of a team of skilled contractors based in the USA, Europe, Russia & Asia. The diversity in languages and cultures as well as the obvious problems in dealing with such differing timezones requires exceptional man management skill and organisation.
In addition to this role, I also fulfil my obligations as a Designer on the project. I have represented the company at several major Game Conferences such as Gamescom, GDC and Games Connection and presented the game to the heads of Publishing companies.

I enjoy the flexibility that freelancing provides, however I miss the studio environment, daily brain storms with colleagues (that are in the same room!), the friendships and atmosphere you just can't replicate over skype, which is why I am excitedly looking for my next career step and where it will lead me.

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